How to Pay the Traffic Fines In UAE

You Got the Driving License in UAE? Big achievement in fact,You will get freedom to move, enjoy long drives and Amazing UAE with your car. However getting license is not the only thing you need to know or watch out for, there are set of traffic rules which you need to follow strictly to make UAE roads safer for you and others, failing to abide these rules can often land you in the traffic Fines which can be significantly high depending on the violation you committed,

There are two types of Traffic fines in UAE,

1- Payable through Police or MOI app

2-Not Payable through APPS

1- Fine Payable with Apps

Usually minor offences which does not include Car Impound or Black Points can easily be paid by Police or MOI apps available for Both IOS and Android Phones.You just need a valid credit card and select the fines registered under your number plates and click PAY, rest of the procedure is explained step by step in all apps,

2-Fine Not Payable with Apps

Now if you can see your fine registered under your number plate but no ”PAY” button or ”Non Payable” is mentioned in front of it, you have to go to nearest Police station, give your car registration card to the staff they will charge you the face amount, transfer black points (if any) to your driving licence and then give you two options to pay impound fine or Hand your car over to your nearest impound Yard, it is always better to pay per day fine, (this fine will not be mentioned on your App), if you choose to impound your vehicle that is long and painful as you will need to go to Impound yard, they will give you an appointment to bring your car on some specific day as there is not much space available with them to park your car, so i suggest to not choose this way, just pay the fine and get yourself on road again. I found police station staff is very polite and nice usually,

And finally My two cents, Fines can set big blow to your budget so I strongly urge you to follow traffic rules and be safe on will be saving lives if drive safe

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