How to Pay the Traffic Fines In UAE

You Got the Driving License in UAE? Big achievement in fact,You will get freedom to move, enjoy long drives and Amazing UAE with your car. However getting license is not the only thing you need to know or watch out for, there are set of traffic rules which you need to follow strictly to make UAE roads safer for you and others, failing to abide these rules can often land you in the traffic Fines which can be significantly high depending on the violation you committed,

There are two types of Traffic fines in UAE,

1- Payable through Police or MOI app

2-Not Payable through APPS

1- Fine Payable with Apps

Usually minor offences which does not include Car Impound or Black Points can easily be paid by Police or MOI apps available for Both IOS and Android Phones.You just need a valid credit card and select the fines registered under your number plates and click PAY, rest of the procedure is explained step by step in all apps,

2-Fine Not Payable with Apps

Now if you can see your fine registered under your number plate but no ”PAY” button or ”Non Payable” is mentioned in front of it, you have to go to nearest Police station, give your car registration card to the staff they will charge you the face amount, transfer black points (if any) to your driving licence and then give you two options to pay impound fine or Hand your car over to your nearest impound Yard, it is always better to pay per day fine, (this fine will not be mentioned on your App), if you choose to impound your vehicle that is long and painful as you will need to go to Impound yard, they will give you an appointment to bring your car on some specific day as there is not much space available with them to park your car, so i suggest to not choose this way, just pay the fine and get yourself on road again. I found police station staff is very polite and nice usually,

And finally My two cents, Fines can set big blow to your budget so I strongly urge you to follow traffic rules and be safe on will be saving lives if drive safe

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Some Interesting Facts about Pakistan

Fact # 1:

Karakoram Highway which is being made as the connecting road between Pakistan and China is considered as the 8th wonder of the world. This is because it is the highest paved road connection to international countries together in the entire world.

Photo: Internet (Karakoram Highway Pakistan)

Fact # 2:

Second Interesting Facts About Pakistan History is it is one of the leading countries which is included on the top of the list when it comes to having the oldest civilization in the history of the world. In the international report Pakistan is being ranked as the 6th largest nation in their entire world which does have one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The place in Pakistan including Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are the living examples of this record.

Photo: Internet (Mohenjo-Daro)

Fact # 3:

Pakistan is being known as the Agro based and cultivating oriented country in which the economy and the annual GDP is highly relying on the agriculture, and in that regard Pakistan has touched a lot of modernization in this field and that is because Pakistan is included in the countries having the best irrigation system, as Pakistan is leading the table in this regard.

Photo: Internet (Wheat Field in Pakistan)

Fact # 4:

Polo is one of the most renowned games in Pakistan especially in the Northern areas including Chitral, Gilgit, Skardu and Swat. The interesting fact is that Pakistan owns the highest polo ground in regard with the sea level is in Pakistan where the Shandur polo festival is being organized annually.

Photo: Internet (Shandur Polo Festival)

Fact # 5:

Gwadar which is a very popular sea port in Pakistan carries immense importance and significance in the international world as Gwadar Port is the largest deep sea port in the entire world today.

Photo: Internet (Gwadar Port)

Fact # 6:

When it comes of having the best mountainous ranges in the world, again Pakistan is amongst the top in the list. As on a record and geographical authentication, Pakistan us currently holding four out of the fourteen highest and longest peaks in the world today. K2 which is being located in the Karakorum Range is being considered as the second highest peak in the world after Mount Everest.

Photo: Internet (Mountains in Pakistan)

Fact # 7:

Khewra Salt mine which is one of the most entertaining and pleasurable tourist spot in Pakistan is considered to be the second largest Salt range and Salt mine in the entire world.

Photo: Internet (Salt Mine in Pakistan)

Lets Visit Pakistan Because; Why not ?

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UAE Traffic Laws are Updated Since July 1st and Here is How

Here’s a comprehensive list of traffic violations and fines that these will attract following the new law that came into effect in the UAE on July 1


Violation Fine Black Points Vehicle confiscated / Days
1 Driving under the influence of alcohol Maximum fine of Dh20,000 or Jail 23 60
2 Driving under the influence of drugs or similar  substances. Decided  by court License to be suspended for 1 year from the date of punishment completion 60
3 Driving a vehicle without number plates. Dh3000 23 90
4 Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that endangers his or other people’s lives, harms public or private properties, jumping the red light, causing his or another vehicle to overturn Dh3000 License to be suspended for 1 year
5 Heavy vehicle not abiding by lane discipline. Dh1500 12
6 Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with safety and security conditions. Dh2000 6
7 Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that may cause danger to others or to the road. Dh2000 6
8 Entering road dangerously. Dh600 6
9 Causing death of others. Decided  by court 23 60
10 Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuries with a light vehicle. Dh500 8 7
11 Not stopping after causing an accident that resulted in injuries with a heavy vehicle. Dh1000 16
12 Failure for light vehicle  to stop after causing an accident Dh500 8 7
13 Failure for heavy vehicle  to stop after causing an accident Dh1000 16
15 Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80kph for light vehicles Dh3000 23 60
14 Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60kph. Dh2000 12 30
25 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60kph. Dh1500 6 15
26 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 50kph. Dh1000
29 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40kph. Dh700
31 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30kph. Dh600
37 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 20kph. Dh300
17 Driving in a way that endangers people Dh2000 23 60
18 Jumping a red light for light vehicles Dh1000 12 30
19 Jumping a red light for motor bikes Dh800 4 30
20 Running away from a traffic policeman in a light vehicle Dh800 12 30
21 Running away from a traffic policeman in a heavy vehicles Dh1000 16
22 Dangerous overtaking by heavy vehicles where it’s prohibited Dh3000 1 year
23 Causing a car to overturn by heavy vehicles Dh3000 1 year license suspension
24 Causing serious injuries. Decided  by court 23 30
27 Overtaking on the hard shoulder. Dh1000 6
28 Overtaking from a prohibited place. Dh600
30 Parking in fire hydrant places, spaces allocated for people with special needs and ambulance parking. Dh1000 6
32 Driving against traffic. Dh600 4
33 Allowing children under 10 years old or shorter 145cm to sit in the front seat of a vehicle. Dh400
34 Failure to fasten seat belt while driving for all passengers. Dh400 4
35 Failure to leave a safe distance. Dh400 4
36 Failure to follow the directions of the policeman. Dh400 4
38 Entering a road without ensuring that it is clear. Dh400 4
39 Exceeding permitted level of car window tinting. Dh1500
40 Not giving way to emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys. Dh1000 6
41 Driving a noisy vehicle. Dh2000 6
42 Allowing others to drive a vehicle for which they are unlicensed. Dh500 7
43 Overload or protruding load from a heavy vehicle without permission. Dh3000 12
44 Driving a vehicle that causes pollution. Dh1000 6
45 Stopping on the road for no reason. Dh1000 6
46 Stopping on a yellow box. Dh500
47 Not giving pedestrians way on  pedestrian crossings. Dh500 6
48 Failure to abide by traffic signs and directions. Dh500
49 Throwing waste from vehicles onto roads. Dh1000 6
50 Stopping vehicle on the left side of the road in prohibited places. Dh1000
51 Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossing. Dh500
52 Teaching driving in a training vehicle that does not bear a learning sign. Dh500
53 Teaching driving in a non training vehicle without  permission from licensing authority. Dh500
54 Placing marks on the road that may damage the road or block traffic. Dh500
55 Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and  tractors  without permission Dh500 7
56 Modifying vehicle’s engine without permission. Dh1000 12 30
57 Changing vehicle’s color without permission. Dh800
59 Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except  in permitted cases. Dh400
61 Parking behind vehicles and blocking their movement. Dh500
62 Towing a vehicle or a boat with an unprepared vehicle. Dh1000
64 No lights on the back or sides of trailer container. Dh400 2
65 Lights on the back or sides of container not working. Dh400 6
66 Taxis, which have designated pickup areas, stopping in undesignated places. Dh500 4
67 Prohibited entry of heavy vehicles Dh1000 4
68 Blocking traffic Dh1000 6
69 Vehicle unfit for driving. Dh500 7
70 Driving a light vehicle that does not comply with safety and  security conditions. Dh200 7
71 Not lifting exhaust of trucks. Dh1500
72 Not covering loads of trucks. Dh3000
74 Heavy vehicle prohibited entry. Dh1000 4
75 Violating loading or unloading regulations in parking. Dh1000 4
76 Carrying and transporting passengers illegally. Dh3000 24 30
77 Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicle without permission. Dh500
78 Not taking road safety measures during vehicle breakdowns Dh500
79 U turn from undesignated areas of incorrectly Dh500 4
80 Loading a light vehicle in a way that may pose a danger to others  or to the road. Dh500 4
81 Stopping vehicle without keeping the distance specified by the law from a curve or junction. Dh500
82 Transporting passengers by vehicle undesignated for this purpose. Dh1000 4
83 Sudden swerve. Dh1000 4
84 Driving on lanes meant for buses or taxis Dh400
85 Driving a taxi without required license. Dh200 4
86 Carrying passengers in driving training vehicle. Dh200 4
87 Driving a taxi with an expired warranty. Dh200
88 Reversing dangerously. Dh400 4
89 Taxi refusing to carry passengers. Dh200 4
90 Parking illegally Dh500
91 Parking in loading and offloading areas Dh200
92 Parking on the left hand shoulder of road in prohibited areas Dh1000
93 Parking without securing the car Dh500
94 Using multi-coloured lights. Dh200
95 Not wearing helmet while driving motorbike. Dh500 4
96 Exceeding passenger limit. Dh500 4 7
97 Expired tyres Dh500 4 7
98 Driving with an expired registration Dh500 4 7 (if registration expired more than 3 months ago)
99 Driving unlicensed vehicle. Dh5 00
100 Violation of laws of using commercial number plates. Dh500 7
101 Light vehicle dropping or spilling load Dh500
103 Driving with one number plate or faded numbers on plate Dh400
104 Driving at night or in foggy weather without lights. Dh500 4
106 Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and heavy vehicles. Dh500
107 Not using indicators when changing direction or turning. Dh400
108 Not giving way for vehicles to pass on the left. Dh400
113 Overtaking dangerously Dh600 6
114 Driving an unlicensed vehicle. Dh500 4 7
119 Parking vehicles on pavement. Dh400
129 Driving below minimum speed limit. Dh400
131 Using hand-held mobile phone while driving or being distracted in any way Dh800 4
138 Using horn in a disturbing way. Dh400 4
140  Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the first traffic violation Dh1000
141  Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the second traffic violation Dh2000
142 Failure to hand over a driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation Dh3000
143 Failure to pick up confiscated car once the confiscation period is over Dh50 a day maximum of Dh3000
144  Failure to pick up confiscated heavy vehicle once the confiscation period is over Dh100 a day, maximumDh3000
145 Overloading a light vehicle Dh500 4
146 Driving school vehicles in times and areas that are prohibited Dh400
147 Teaching someone to drive in a car that is not labelled as learning vehicle, or teaching without a license Dh500
148 Not presenting a learner’s permit Dh300
149 Broken or absence of back or sidelights on the tow truck Dh500 4
150 Participating in a motorcade without a permit Dh500 4 15
151 Pedestrian’s failure to abide by signals, or crossing from undesignated areas Dh400
152 School bus driver failing to activate the stop sign or abide by traffic instructions Dh500 6
153 Driver failing to stop when the bus drivers activates the stop sign. Dh1000 10
154 Using a leisure bike with three or more wheels Dh3,000 90
155 Transporting inflammable ale or dangerous materials without permission Dh3,000 24 60
156 Failure to take safety precautions when the car breaks down Dh500
157 Failure to get the car technically tested after any major engine or chassis modifications Dh400
158 Broken Car lights Dh400 6
159 Disregarding policeman’s instructions Dh400 4
160 Failure to fix child seats for children under 4 years Dh400
161 Failure to give priority to emergency , police and protocol vehicles Dh1000 6
162 Stopping at Zebra crossings Dh500
163 Stopping vehicles and road turns Dh500
164 Parking in a way without securing the car Dh500
165 Parking on pavements Dh400
166 Writing or posting on the vehicle without a permit Dh500
167 Failure to abide by traffic signs Dh500
168 Littering from vehicle windows while driving  Dh1000 6
169 Rubber neck and crowds at the scenes of traffic accident  Dh1000
170 Driving a heavy vehicle dangerously in a way that endangers his or other people’s lives Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
171 Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that harms public or private properties Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
172 Heavy vehicle jumping the red light Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
173 Heavy vehicle causing his or another vehicle to overturn Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
174 Driving industrial, construction and mechanical equipment without a license Dh1,500
175 Heavy vehicle overtaking in areas where it is prohibited Dh3,000 License to be suspended for one year
176 Driving a heavy vehicle that does not abide by safety standards Dh2,000 6
177 A driving an uninsured vehicle Dh500 4 7
178 Driving a vehicle on a different license for a different type of vehicle Dh400 12
179 Driving a vehicle that does not abide by safety standards Dh500
180 Driving a vehicle that is unfit for driving Dh500
181 Driving a vehicle at below the minimum speed set for the road (if any) Dh400
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How to Get a Driving License In Abu Dhabi UAE

Much Asked Question for the Driver licence is how to get one, When i searched internet not much information is available on the topic,mostly are about Dubai ,so i decided to put some lines to make it easily understandable for people of Abu Dhabi
I got My Driving Licence in 3 months in First Test,So this can be the case with you too, Inshallah
Opening The File:
Before you go to EDC (Emirates Driving Company) in Mussafah Make sure following documents are ready.
Passport Copy.
Visa Copy.
Emirates ID card Copies.
NOC from your Employer.
Keep 8 Photos.

1000 AED cash and some coins for photocopy machines.

Take your documents with you early morning to Mussafah EDC and go to Traffic file opening building (The Building Where lots of Private training cars are parked out side the gate) ,ask from any guard they will guide you to right direction,go to first floor and on right side there is one counter they will check your documents and issue one token for eye test, Wait near the eyesight test room on your number pay 25 AED to the person and get a certificate and a token for next procedure, Take this token and go to waiting room once your token number is called/Shown on screens go to appropriate counter,their they will take your photo and after checking all the documents again your file will be opened with traffic section after paying the fee,they will issue you an appointment sheet,keep this with you and proceed to EDC training building Next building behind the costumer parking. (Again Asking the Guards is a good Idea)

Booking Theory Classes:

In EDC training building you will need to go to first counter to take your booking token and wait (this can be very long sometime more than 4 hours) on your turn go to counter book the theory classes fee is approximately 850 AED. Ask them to give you suitable time evenings or morning they will accommodate you as per your needs and the available seats in classes.they will issue a Theory book and theory classes schedule sheet

Theory Classes:

Theory classes are conducted on first floor of same building and guard can guide you the way,make sure you reach the school 10 minutes in advance as the school is very strict on timings,on completion of theory classes you need to book theory test

Theory Test:

Book the Theory test from the same front desk and mostly you will get it after a few days,come on time on same first floor,the test will be mostly on 35 questions and very easy one,just read whole book at least once before you come to theory test,I passed with 35 marks out of 35 questions,after the test they will give you result in 45 minutes on the same floor,now if you have already your home country license (Must be a Card,not a book) you can go for direct road test booking,and like me if you don’t have any , then opt for PEP test,book this test only if you have prior experience but not the license in any country,this test will cost you some 65 AED,this will be booked from the same front desk.make sure all the bookings which require payment should be done before 5 PM as they close the cash register on 5 PM.

PEP Test:

PEP test is taken by EDC (Emirates Driving Company) Instructor in Parking Training Yard 2,which is near to central building, come 10 minutes early at least,go behind the booking counter a guard will guide you to transfer bus,the bus driver will stop at parking 2 and ask you to go to the office in yard,two instructors will sit with you and ask you drive as you know in the yard,don’t touch any line,don’t overtake,don’t go very close to next vehicle, practice U-Turn on low width roads before you come for test,then based on your performance they will suggest how much practical training you require,if they give you AREA-2 you will pay 2350 AED approx and you have to book the Yard training from the same booking counter before 5 PM,very long wait is expected, so come early on working days, Friday is off, Yard is very busy so you may end up getting a booking after 3 months and there is nothing you can do to speed it up,

Practical Yard Training:

From Area 1 to Area 5 you will learn basics of parking,turning in short radius and how to cross junctions,roundabouts,signals with an instructor siting beside you all the time

Once the AREA 5 is completed your tower training will start from tower 2 to tower where you will repeat all the Area lesson but by your own,alone in the car,instructor will instruct you by wireless sets if they see anything wrong,be careful learn as much you can especially parking and leaving the parking is very important,don’t drive to close or too fast although the driving speed is controlled,there will be a parking refresh class after Tower 5, Please note be careful if you make many mistakes or deadly one instructor will recommend you to go back to Area 1-5 again to train more with instructor in the car, which means more money and more time

Parking Test:

After Tower 5 and Parking refresh class you can book your Parking test or Yard test both are same,you can book this any time even in evening,come 10 minutes early test is taken in the same area where PEP test is taken Parking 2,their will be two chances for each type of parking I cleared in first try,if you follow the parking tips this both parallel or 90 degree (Bay parking) is very easy,after passing the parking test instructor will give you practical training passing certificate,which you can use to book a road test.

Road Test:

Before going to road test booking get a road training contract from any one of the instructors available on outside of the EDC,I prefered Mr Farman Sarwar 0529699046, he is very experienced and has a first try passing rate of 95% of his students,he will not give you useless lectures just ask you to drive and he will observe you very carefully and guide you all the way,call him and ask him to make a contract for you ,He will charge 50 AED,take this contract with EDC certificate attached to it to same building where you opened your File in first place,now instead of going to first floor go to same ground floor customer service counter a policeman will issue you a token and wait,on your turn take everything to the counter and they will book you road test and give you your training licence,keep this all the time during you road training,for first timer i suggest to take at least 10 classes from Mr Farman,he will make you perfect,and then have good sleep in prior night of test and pray in the morning,dress well,wear close shoes,look professional and greet the inspectors,i will write more once my test is done,wish you very good luck

Final Road Test:

The Day is here we talk much about, you need to go to Same building where you booked your test,go to counter they will assign you the bus you need to sit in,go out in the parking and pay around 25 AED to get a ticket for that bus ,lots of buses will be waiting for students came for tests, the number of buss will be written on your receipt sit in there, once all buses are full, the police inspectors will come with a list in hand they will call names one by one and confirm if you are present for the test, if your name is not called go out and ask any inspector about your name,they are very nice people and will help you to find correct bus, first student will take the test car one inspector in front and other in back seat will be the seating, pull out the car the bus will follow with remaining applicants, Drive very carefully keep your eyes scanning the area in front of you and on the back with the help of mirrors, inspectors may ask you to change lane,make a U-Turn or pull over for emergency,no matter what dont go above 60 if you are in Mussaffah Area, beware of heavy truck they usually dont care about you stay away from them their mistake can put your test results in danger, You will surprisingly find the inspectors very nice,gentle and kind,if they think you are good they can normally ignore small mistakes so dont panic if you made a mistake,dont make major but small is OK they will note how confidently you controlled the situation after making mistake. after two or three minutes driving the inspector will ask you to pull over,look mirrors,shoulder and everything you learned and select a safe place to pull over, use of indicators is very important as you are being tested for these, be confident not over confident as you will look irresponsible,after passing just take the paper inspector gave you with passed remarks to Musafah Police station or Murror traffic branch or Chamber of commerce building near corniche (Best for On Island people) Pay 200 AED and get your license printed from the same counter

I wish you Good luck,Just remember inspectors are not there to Fail you,they are very qualified for their jobs, so dont pay anyone anything, everything is on merit. dont get fooled by thugs outside of school,if you think you are not confident for the test take more classes on Musafah roads with instructor, practice makes you perfect,extra one hundred paid to training instructor can save you thousands in case you fail the test just because you did not train well

You may require international driving permit, you can get immediately from any emirates post office counter in abudhabi,requires two photos some 200 AED extra

Please note:

I drive on UAE license in Pakistan two or three times police checked and they accepted the same license though i have my International license too with me
Wish You Good Luck

Please Refer Any of your friend looking for information on This topic to this page.

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